Empower adult educators to support digital social inclusion



DigIN Project aims to improve Educators’ and AE Organizations’ capacity to support adults in becoming active technology users.

-To expand the competencies of Educators and other AE Staff to make them digitally competent and confident trainers
-To creat a digital education ecosystem to increase the capacity and readiness of AEO to manage an effective shift towards
digital education
-To operate transnationally and collaborate to create a digitally inclusive environment for all citizens&generation

The activities will be:
-Preparation of a ‘Digital Involvement & Skills Development’ map competences and methodology tailored to educator digital
needs & a collection of digital instruments for AE compatible with the educational needs of adults
-Development of an E-learning App on digital needs
-Preparation of DigIN MULTI-PACK SLE: Educational and guidance materials to help adults become digitally competent
– A virtual LTTA for educators and other AE staff to assess their digital skill

– Improving the competencies of educators and other adult education staff. Supporting them in acquiring skills and key
competencies in AE improving their professionalization using digital technology.
– Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity: Enhanced digital
transformation of AEO to incorporate digital technologies through the implementation of a high-performing digital ecosystem.
– Increasing the Digital inclusion of adults