S.A.F.E. projects activities based on consultancy, research and expert activities in European education systems.

Our objectives:
To improve lifelong education in Europe through transnational projects involving local communities.
To promote sustainable development of neighbouring regions and beyond through training and education.
To foster progress and innovation in adult education and Research.
To support learning mobility for people at all ages, across borders and sectors.
To stimulate local growth by adapting international good practices and methods.We have more than fifteen years experience working with youth and adults in education sector.

S.A.F.E projects develops research and experimentation activities in the field of education at all levels. Among the objectives of:
– develop collaboration, mutual co-operation and sharing of good practice;
– promoting EU cooperation in the fields of education, audiovisuals and culture
– Organizing local projects in the Netherlands (seminars, workshops related to our objectives)
– Collaborating and cooperating with local educational centers, writing and managing projects, searching for partners, organizing events in the frame of E+ programme.

What we do:

Social projects – migrant women empowerment in the Netherlands

Strategic partnership – promotion sustainability in adult education

Seminars, trainings, workshops.

Please visit our Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR_FlyiB_5t1jv2uzqxxjHQ